Deferred init

If your program has a slow set-up phase that does not depend on the input data, you can set AFL_DEFER_FORKSRV=1 for a substantial speed-up, provided that you insert a call to afl::init() after the set-up and before any dependence on input. There are various other caveats, described in the section "Bonus feature: deferred instrumentation" in llvm_mode/README.llvm distributed with afl. See also [examples/][example-defer] in this repository.

Conditional compilation

afl instrumentation adds some run-time overhead, so it's a good candidate for [conditional compilation][], perhaps through a [Cargo feature][]:

# You may need to add `optional = true` to the above dependencies.
afl = ["afl-plugin", "afl"]
// Active only with `cargo [...] --feature afl`
#![cfg_attr(feature = "afl", feature(plugin))]
#![cfg_attr(feature = "afl", plugin(afl_plugin))]

AFL configuration

See the afl documentation for other configuration variables. Some of these are set at compile time in config.h. For the most part they only affect afl-fuzz itself, and will work fine with this library. However, if you change SHM_ENV_VAR, MAP_SIZE, or FORKSRV_FD, you should update this library's src/config.h to match.